2016 - 2022

UX lead

Lead multiple design teams across several different verticals–wireless, TV & internet, customer portals, small business, and buyflow–where I directed client-focused solutions research-driven UX strategy.

Oversaw project timelines, training, and deliverables for other designers and researchers. Presented findings and prototypes to leadership and stakeholders.

Objectives &



Research & Data Analytics

Collection and analysis of behavioral data and customer feedback, to develop A/B tests and focus groups to iterate on potential solutions. Collaboration with research teams to develop user personas to be used throughout the organization.


Project & Team Management

Onboard and support new hires to be successful while maintaining a positive team culture. Management of project progress, deadlines and resources in order to report progress to leadership and stakeholders.


Web & App UX/UI Design

Organizing pages and information within a website or app so to be navigable and accessible.

Knowledge and application of brand standards, design best practices, industry trends, technology and user testing to execute an ideal user experience.


Design Thinking & Creative Exercises

Led multiple workshops and participated in enterprise-led boot camps. With cross-collaboration among internal teams, we developed and implement innovative approaches to problem-solving based on human-centered design.


Testing & Prototype Development

Built simplified versions of working features or products in order to uncover and investigate problems and validate solutions. We would use those prototypes to Examine whether solutions were working as intended, or further iteration was required.


It's not just about making it look good.

In order for any business to scale their digital presence, there must clear and consistent processes and documentation. The not-pretty stuff is where they can make or break their growth.

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