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    Wireframe, Prototype, UI/UX Design, Research & Testing

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UX design lead on Capital One Commercial Business Banking website redesign

As the former UX Design Lead for Capital One Business Banking, I was responsible for crafting an intuitive and accessible digital experience tailored to the unique needs of business clients. My role involved overseeing the creation of wireframes and prototypes, meticulously refining each interaction and interface element to enhance user engagement and streamline banking processes. Presenting these designs to stakeholders, I adeptly articulated the rationale behind our decisions, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and user feedback.

Additionally, I prioritized accessibility considerations, ensuring that our digital platforms were inclusive and compliant with relevant standards, thus guaranteeing access to financial services for all users. Collaborating closely with creative and development teams, I facilitated seamless integration of design vision and technical implementation, ensuring that every aspect of the digital banking experience reflected Capital One’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

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