Identity UX/UI June 3, 2013


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    Creative, UI/UX Design, Marketing

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Creative director at worldwide ad agency supporting million-dollar digital campaigns

My role was multifaceted and pivotal in shaping the agency’s creative vision and output. I was responsible for leading and inspiring a team of talented designers, developers, copywriters, and creative strategists to produce compelling and innovative digital campaigns. My expertise in conceptualizing ideas that resonate with target audiences is critical to deliver campaigns that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Beyond ideation, I oversaw the execution of projects, ensuring they align with client objectives, brand guidelines, and industry trends. My strategic acumen and keen understanding of user experience guided the development of campaigns that not only captivate but also drove results, ultimately solidifying the agency’s reputation as a leader in digital advertising.


Working directly with stakeholders at Peterbilt, I concepted and designed their first website update in over a decade. Managed a $500,000 redesign budget, creative deadlines, junior designers and worked closetly with developers to ensure the design was pixel perfect.

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I am actively looking for new projects with teams who are as excited about unique ideas and user experiences as I am.