UX/UI Wireframe December 18, 2014

Disney & AA

  • Strategy

    Prototype, UI/UX Design

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    The Marketing Arm


UX design lead on American Airlines cross-promotion with Disney to roll out the movie, Planes

As a former UX design consultant, I had the opportunity to collaborate on an interactive, gamified cross-promotional digital campaign between American Airlines and the Disney movie “Planes,” aligning with the movie’s release. My role involved conceptualizing and designing user experiences that seamlessly integrated the excitement of air travel with the adventurous spirit of the film. I crafted wireframes and prototypes, meticulously refining each element to ensure a captivating and intuitive journey for users engaging with the campaign.

Presenting these designs to stakeholders from both American Airlines and Disney, I effectively communicated the strategic alignment and user-centric approach of our concepts. Additionally, I prioritized accessibility considerations, ensuring that the campaign was inclusive and engaging for users of all abilities. Collaborating closely with creative and development teams, I facilitated the seamless execution of our vision, resulting in a successful digital campaign that delighted users and reinforced the partnership between American Airlines and Disney.

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